Merino Overalls “Adventures with a bear”


Children’s merino overall “Adventures with a bear”

  • GOTS organic cotton
  • Oeko-Tex® 1 certified 100% merino wool lining
  • Double size
  • Extendable ribs
  • Made and designed in Estonia
  • Long effective zipper and lock protection
  • Very soft and stretchy fabric

Merino wool

Regulates body temperature

Absorbs moisture and doesn’t make you sweat

Is long-lasting and of high quality



It is skin-friendly

Does not electrify

Natural and natural material

NB: Limited quantities available now!


The “Adventures with a Bear” children’s merino jumpsuit is an ombre-style jumpsuit with a cool motorcyclist bear on top, who will take children on an adventure in the clouds.

The amazing designs have been created by an artist and designer from Pärnu.

The top layer is cotton and the lining is merino. The overalls are equipped with retractable ribs, which allows a longer useage. Dressing your child is made easier by a lovely, eye-catching long zipper with a lock guard to prevent chafing. The overalls are equipped with a hood with a retractable rib to protect the child’s head from the wind.

To maximise the lifetime of a merino, proper maintenance of the product is essential>

  • Merino wool is dirt repellent and antibacterial , so if there are no visible stains on the outer fabric, airing the product in the fresh air is sufficient. However, if there are stains:
  • Use ONLY a detergent designed for wool laundering, which preserves the protein in the wool and the properties of the wool.
  • Do not use detergent when washing!
  • Wash wool products by hand or with a special wool wash programme at low temperatures (up to 30 degrees) and up to 400 rpm. At higher speeds, the wool will felt.

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Outer fabric: 95% cotton, 5% elastane

Lining composition: 100% merino wool


Delivery time up to 7 work days

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