How to choose the right size Softshell?

For softshell overalls, we recommend taking the exact size for your child’s height, as there is a growth allowance of around 5-8cm. Dimensions are FREE OF CHARGE!

Size Overall length at shoulder From Overall length of sleeve at shoulder Internal leg Hull length at shoulder
74 63 20 30 28 42
80 74 21 33 28 45
86 77 24 36 32 47
92 86 26 38 36 50
98 86 25 40 36 53

What weather is a softshell suitable for?

Softshell is a material that repels water and protects against wind. That’s why it’s a very useful character in our climate, because with its positive factors, it also lets air through and doesn’t make the child sweat. Softshell is best between -10 and +10 degrees. Alone, he is the best companion in not too cold and not too hot weather.

Softshell also suitable for winter?

On its own, the soft will be too cold in winter, but with a breathable and natural base layer, it’s ideal for a mobile child in winter. A thick winter comforter restricts your baby’s movement, but our soft and base comforter is so comfortably lightweight that your baby can enjoy the movement and mums don’t have to worry about them being too cold! Read more here:

What is a softshell like inside and why is there no lining?

Since lining would significantly reduce the breathability of the fabric, in fact no softshell should have a separate lining, the soft fleece content would lose its meaning and functionality.

Most softshells have a white fleece inside.

Will Softshell make my baby sweat?

Certainly not if the right base layer and weather conditions are chosen. The fabric must also be of high quality. To this end, all our fabrics are OEKO-TEX® certified. The material of the high-quality softt is very breathable and regulates the temperature according to the child’s body. Softshell breathes because the air molecules are smaller than the water molecules. This allows the fabric to be breathable and water-repellent at the same time. The density of the fabric is adjusted so that air molecules can move but water molecules cannot.

Why aren’t the butt and knee parts of a softshell suit made of stronger material?

As the material is already very strong by its very nature, we have not felt the need to add this detail. The material is really very durable and does not break easily.

How do I choose my dressing gown size?

Dress combinations are number-appropriate, with leg and arm extensions available.

How to choose the right size for you?

The dresses are true to size and can be worn longer.

How to choose the right Marine Mudflats?

Size Overall length at shoulder From Overall length of sleeve from shoulder Internal leg Hull length at shoulder
68 56 19 28 18 39
74 62 19 30 21 43
86 70 23 33 28 45
92 75 23 36 29 48
98 80 27 38 32 50
104 84 27 40 34 52
110 91 30 43 39 54

Nautical combinations are exactly to size, we recommend to take a size larger!

What is the difference between SIMPLE, BASIC, PREMIUM and EXCLUSIVE?

How do I pay for postage?

If the order is made on Instagram or Facebook, the postage can be paid automatically, we post with Omniva. If you order directly from our website, you can already pay the postage here.

When will my product be posted?

We will post the product as soon as possible, but no later than 3 working days after receipt of payment. If the product is custom-made for you, the order will be processed as soon as the invoice is received and will take a maximum of 7 working days.

How to wash wool and merino wool products?

Wash/wipe by hand only.

Drain the water out of the washing machine centrifuge.

Spread the product out on a flat surface to dry, in the form/position you want the product to dry.

Do not hang.

The wool product does not require frequent washing, is very durable if cared for properly and will last for many years!

Wool products are subject to topicality, which can be removed with a topical remover.

If you have any further questions, we are happy to help!

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