The story of Pilvekes

The story of Pilvekes started with my mother Külli, who started sewing her own clothes during the difficult Soviet times. As I was very small when I was born, there were no clothes in the shops that would fit me, so my mother had to “conjure” them herself. As time went by, however, he dedicated himself to making knitwear on a daily basis, and has been producing knitwear since 1993. After the birth of her first grandchild, a dream that had been in her heart came back to the fore. Rediscovering her passion, grandmother sewed her granddaughter a beautiful jumpsuit for her first birthday. Others were also very interested in this custom. I, in turn, rolled out ideas on how to make the kombeca even more comfortable and practical. That’s how Pilveke was born, a joint creation of daughter and mother!
Pilveke is based in the heart of Estonia and offers high quality, beautiful and practical children’s clothing to make every child feel special!
We always put a lot of care and love into our products!

Ele Metsalu
Müük | Turundus
Külli Pilv
Disain | Tootearendus


We manufacture our own products. Our fabrics are certified and tested.

Home sweet home

We love Estonia's beautiful nature - we've used this beauty to create our collections. The products we create are suitable for wear in all seasons. The products are designed and sewn by our own Estonian people.


Each product is handcrafted, which ensures its uniqueness.


We care about our customers, our staff, our people and nature. We are ready to listen to and help our customers with their concerns and joys. Our employees are guaranteed a good working environment, a cheerful workforce and adequate rest. We care about the people and cheer up those in need. We are as environmentally friendly as possible.


The garments we create are designed to ensure a long life. The arms and legs are extendable, and thanks to the good cut, the garment fits well for children a size smaller and a size larger. The products are of very high quality and durability - allowing them to be resold in the aftermarket or passed on to a younger sibling. This will reduce consumption and overproduction.


We want to be better every day than we were yesterday. We are actively engaged in product development - we study customer feedback and improve our creations accordingly. We are also inventing ways to be even greener as a business.

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