Children’s Softshell coat “West-Harju Fox”


New 2022. With our autumn collection for 2010, we highlight the beautiful natural phenomena and the wonderful Estonian forest creatures. These beautiful moments have been captured by acclaimed Estonian photographer Tarvo Kuus. Our nature-inspired collection aims to make people notice and appreciate all the beauty that surrounds us. We respect, love and care for Estonia’s nature and teach our children to do the same. “The Cunning Fox” is clever and cunning, sneaking around in the dark green forest – just like our lovely children. With Pilvekese’s unique designs, no one will go unnoticed in the cityscape!


  • The depth of the hood is adjustable at the back with zips.
  • Krael has an added lock protection.
  • The special cut in the design ensures a long product life.
  • Reflectors are also included to ensure safety.
  • Specially designed lock with a larger diameter.
  • There are also pockets on the coat for collecting treasures and storing other essentials.
  • The hood is detachable, and there is also a zip to remove the hair around the hood.
  • The coat is very windproof, water repellent and, with the right clothing, can be worn all year round.
  • In terms of cut, more of an oversized type.


IMPORTANT: In winter, put Pilvekes’ extra warm and thick Merino/woolly felt jacket under the park and your child can use the park successfully even in temperatures as low as -15 degrees.

Get the same combo for mother and baby –


To make sure that you get the most out of your Softshell for as long as possible, here are some tips on how to care for it:

  • To maintain water resistance, we recommend using a detergent designed for waterproof items. There are many different types, for example Nikwax Tech washi is highly praised. They can be found as a detergent or as a spray.
  • Be sure to wash your softshell at 30 degrees, no more. By turning it upside down, you also keep the beautiful look of the accessories. Softshell should definitely not be put in the dryer.
  • As softshell is a filmy material, it does not absorb dirt very easily. If you get the chance, you can use a quick damp cloth to wipe over the black spots as soon as you come in, so you don’t have to wash the product as often!
  • If you do get some stubborn stains on the lighter products, try using bile soap to remove them first. This is the most natural and least damaging way.

NB: Each of our products is handmade and the patterns, cuts and threads run differently. It is a sign of our authenticity. No product will ever look the same!

Stock levels may not reflect the actual situation, please note that we will manufacture your product specifically for you and this may take up to 7 working days.


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